Commercial solar power plant

Jeevaditya has collected huge database and knowledge on commercial power needs. Our plants are suited for reliable and economical power supply to commercial applications like offices, industries, malls, schools and colleges etc. Our plants are designed to the standards required for extreme weather and industrial working conditions. Our wide range of plants, power ratings and aesthetic finishes makes it suitable for any commercial/business application. Our fully customized power plant ensures attractive return-on-investment.

As an example, On-grid solar application for commercial establishments is described below

Commercial On-Grid Power Plants

     On-grid system does not have batteries and require grid for functioning. During the day, the solar power generated from solar panels powers the appliances and exports the excess power to the grid through a net-meter. On-grid systems require approval and net-meter from EB. The system is suitable when

  • Electricity bill savings is the highest priority
  • EB power gives a stable reference voltage which is mandatory for its operation

Working Principle

  • Day: The solar panel generates electricity during the day. The On-grid inverter generates output by synchronizing the voltage and frequency values obtained from grid connected to it. The inverter checks for demand from the loads and send the produced power to the loads. The excess generated power is fed to the grid via bi-directional net-meter. The power fed to the grid will be recorded as export.
  • Night: At night, power is completely used from the grid.  The power used by the consumer from grid will be recorded as Import in the bi-directional meter. A net EB bill will be generated as Net = Import – Export. Consumer will pay only for the net value in the meter.

The On-grid system will operate only if both grid and solar power are available. In case of power-cuts or voltage-fluctuations, the On-grid system will shut down (as per regulations).