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Jeevaditya solar power Pvt Ltd is started with a vision to popularize solar power as key source of power. We specialize in Solar Home systems, Commercial Solar power plants, Solar Inverters, Panels etc. We provide complete solutions for both domestic (home or residential) and commercial applications. Our high quality products/systems along with customer-friendly service culture make us a popular choice for Solar power.

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We offer On Grid Solar Power System. These are power systems energized by photovoltaic panels which are connected to the utility grid. Grid-connected photovoltaic power systems consist of photovoltaic panels, MPPT, solar inverters, power conditioning units and grid connection equipment. Unlike stand-alone photovoltaic power systems, these systems seldom have batteries. Works best in the places where there are no power cuts, helps in reducing electricity bills. In this system solar energy is fed into the building loads that are connected to the grid through a service connection with surplus energy being fed into the grid & shot fall being drawn from the grid. A grid-connected photovoltaic power system, or grid-connected PV system is an electricity generating solar PV system that is connected to the utility grid. A grid-connected PV system consists of solar panels, one or several inverters, a power conditioning unit and grid connection equipment. They range from small residential and commercial rooftop systems to large utility-scale solar power stations. Unlike stand-alone power systems, a grid-connected system rarely includes an integrated battery solution, as they are still very expensive. When conditions are right, the grid-connected PV system supplies the excess power, beyond consumption by the connected load, to the utility grid.

On Grid Solar System Rooftops are receptors of raw solar energy and we can transform these ordinary rooftop into a solar power plant. With our highly efficient and integrated solutions we make it simple for you to install and operate a rooftop solar system. Our expertise lies in providing roof top PV systems that offer an independent power source to commercial and industrial consumers those are having more than 5 KW connecting load which gives more both economical and environmental advantages. Having garnered sizeable experience in designing and executing rooftop projects of various scales, we offer efficient and cost effective rooftop solutions including designing, engineering, procuring, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Levying thrust on quality, optimum performance, reliability and safety, we have emerged as one of the most preferred providers.
On-grid solar systems are definitely the most common and widely used by homes and businesses. These systems usually do not require batteries and also utilize ordinary solar inverters and therefore are connected to the public electricity grid. Any surplus solar energy which you generate is exported into the power grid and also you generally receive money off a feed-in-tariff (FiT) or credits to the energy that you export.
Unlike hybrid systems, on-grid solar systems are not able to operate or generate electricity during a blackout due to security reasons. Since blackouts usually occur when the electricity grid is damaged; when the solar inverter was still feeding electricity into a damaged grid it would risk the safety of the people repairing the fault in the system. Most hybrid solar systems with battery storage have the ability to automatically isolate from the grid and continue to provide some power during a blackout

Batteries are all able to be inserted into on-grid systems in a later point when required. The favourite Tesla Power wall two is an AC battery that can be inserted to a present solar system.

Steps when electricity reaches the switchboard:
• Metering systems work otherwise in several states and countries around the world. Within this description I am assuming that the meter is simply measuring the electricity being exported into the grid, as will be the case in the majority . In certain states, meters quantify each of solar power generated by your system, and therefore your electricity will probably run throughout your meter prior to reaching out the switchboard rather than following it.
• In certain regions (currently in California), the meter measures both production and export, and the consumer has been charged (or credited) for web electricity used within a month or year period. I shall describe more about metering in a subsequent blog

The electricity on grid
Electricity that’s delivered into the grid outside of your solar panel may subsequently be utilized by additional clients across the grid (your neighbours). Whenever your solar energy system isn’t functioning, or you are using more electricity in relation to the system is generating, then you are going to begin swallowing or importing electricity from the grid

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