24/7 Power Possible With Solar?

Can home solar provide 24/7

Simple answer is yes. However, we should also see which appliances or loads can be powered 24/7 by a particular solar system. Let us see in detail.

Of the various types of solar systems, Offgrid system provides reliable or 24/7 power. On the other hand, Hybrid or Ongrid systems are considered when only EB bill saving is needed with or without minimum backup respectively.

As we know, Offgrid system is designed for he preferred list of appliances (from customer) which needs 24/7 power. This Offgrid system is then connected to above appliances and rest of the home appliances stay on EB/Grid. As we can expect, the bigger is the list of appliances, the higher will be the solar system size. For example, our 3KW system can power Lights, Fans, TV, Washing machine, Refrigerator, Mixer, Wet-grinder, pump, and one Air-conditioner in day and night for most of the year. In rainy days, once available solar power is used, these appliances are automatically switched to EB to ensure reliable power.

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24/7 power in real-life

This, 24/7 power availability, has been observed by our customers continuously. And, these systems are also tested in the worst conditions. For example, after some severe cyclones like Vardah, there was EB power-cut for some areas in Chennai upto 7 days. Our Offgrid solar customers in these areas were self-reliant for power even with no EB power for many days.

The 24/7 power for most of the year is possible only with a well-designed offgrid solar system. For designing this system, we should consider all three aspects of solar system – power generation (panels), control and distribution (inverter) and energy storage (batteries). The solar panels should produce enough power in the daytime to ensure availability of power to selected appliances in day and night. The batteries should be able to store sufficient energy to power the selected appliances throughout the night. The inverter capacity should be sufficient to ensure the selected appliances be powered simultaneously without tripping.

This is important because many household appliances consume 2-3 times more power when starting compared to normal operating power. In addition, the specifications and quality of the accessories play a key role in ensuring reliable power.

Can the whole house be powered with Offgrid system?

Yes, most of the appliances like Lights, Fans, TV, Laptop, Washing machine, Refrigerator, Mixer, Wet-grinder, pump, Air-conditioner, Electric-vehicle (EV) etc., can be powered by solar. However, it is not suggested to connect the offgrid systems to heating loads/appliances like Geysers, Microwave oven, Induction stove etc. It is suggested to leave heating appliances on EB. There are two reasons for this. One, heating appliances typically take about 2000 watts of power or more which can drain the batteries leaving little energy for the other appliances. Second, a continuous load of 2000 watts or more can reduce the life of the inverter and batteries. In fact, for heating water, solar water heaters are economical solution.

Wish you happy green years ahead!

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