1kw, 5 kw Solar Panel Price in Chennai

1kw, 5kw, Solar Panel Price in Chennai

Jeevaditya solar power Pvt Ltd is started with a vision to popularize solar power as key source of power. We specialize in Solar Home systems, Commercial Solar power plants, Solar Inverters, Panels etc. We provide complete solutions for both domestic (home or residential) and commercial applications. Our high quality products/systems along with customer-friendly service culture make us a popular choice for Solar power.

Cost and Savings of Rooftop Solar power System:

  • Cost of the Residential rooftop system depends on the capacity and type of the system. Reaching the right company enlisted in TEDA and also analyzing the company’s past performance and their customer feedback makes your investment meaningful and fruitful.
  • With their Technical capabilities, the right solar team with the right system and with quality components, will give you great and lasting benefits. To enjoy the benefits and return on investment, ensure choosing the right company with proper analysis in every possible way.
  • Cost of the system also depends on the scope the system integrator takes up. Choosing  the right solar integrator or partner, who offer end-to-end scope, will result in smooth execution of the project.
  • Ongrid systems will cost around Rs. 65-80/watt based on the brands, technology and scope. The price will reduce per watt as the system size increases. The perfectly designed Ongrid rooftop solar system will give Return on Investment (ROI) of 4 to 5 years.
  • Offgrid systems can roughly cost around Rs. 95-110/watt based on the brands, technology and scope. The offgrid system can be optimized to provide power for 60-100% of a day & night usage, to the connected loads. This system is designed to provide reliable power supply independent of the grid focusing mainly on convenience for the user. For this system, the right way to calculate ROI is by the savings and the value of convenience given by the system.
  • Hybrid systems can roughly cost around Rs. 110-130/watt. This system provides both bill saving and minimal power backup. But due to its higher capital cost, compared to ongrid and offgrid, the return of investment is least.
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